I Guess There’s More to IT than Just Indulging…

Once in a while I remind myself that there is more to life than just indulging. My inner fiend can’t always take over and has to be bridled every now and again to maintain the delicate balance that is oh so emphasized in all that is natural. I do this sometimes by practicing “Hara hachi bu” a Confucian teaching that advises its followers to eat until they are 80% full. Its methodology widely adopted by the Japanese instructs that we “eat until we are 8 parts (out of 10) full” or until “belly is 80% full”. This self-imposed calorie restriction exercised with discipline has shown to extend human life expectancy because it keeps our BMI low and thus healthy. There is a lot of research done in this area worth examining further as I leave you with the only reason I practice it (I must admit otherwise, “food baby” would make an appearance more often) when I can in the words from a famous Japanese proverb “eight parts of a full stomach sustain a man, the other two sustain a doctor”. No doctors for me please.

With that said, I tell myself that the occasional self control is good for me. If I had it my way I would eat all day. I’m not even kidding! I’d be just fine having food baby around with me all the time and it saddens me when I often hear people say that they don’t have an appetite. I almost never lose desire for food except when I am truly upset or down about some thing. Thankfully I’ve learned to “not sweat the small stuff, so it doesn’t lead to the big stuff” in order to stay perky and hungry!


Back to my point…as much as I want to live out the rest of my life as a smiling pleasure seeker, I have to reel the beast in, incarcerate it in order to appreciate things fully. This is why exercise is so important. I force myself to get my heart pumping so that my body will love me back and more importantly, so that it sustain more gluttonous behavior. This is the truth. How much cheeky behavior can a sicko engage in? No offense. Ms. Sicko here can’t even eat properly because she doesn’t even have the energy to! No Ma’am, that will not be me! LOL! I take a lot, I have to give a little back. Its my 80/20 model. I try to eat well, exercise, sleep peacefully, deep breathe and all sorts of healthful stuff 80of the time and the other 20%, I do whatever I want! I eat burgers, I love cotton candy and would do anything for fried plantains!

“If you can’t eat ’em…eat ’em anyway!” – Cheekynibbles



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