Zakkushi-Charcoal Grill Diner (195 Carlton St., Toronto)

Zakkushi means “skewers” and is just one of the many Japanese infusions into Toronto from Vancouver via the Pacific Rim.  The compact space brings to mind the traditional Japanese architecture of “sukiya” style tea houses with bamboo and shutters.  This was confirmed by both my sister and her boyfriend who both visited Japan. Authenticity was much appreciated!  The small tapas offerings were plenty and we couldn’t wait to get started!

Here was the chow-down:

Beef Tataki

Thinly sliced rare beef nestled beneath white and green onions with garnish of garlic chips. The beef itself was nothing special but the visual is very appealing and the crunch from the garlic chips add texture and flavour. At almost $9 a plate, it was good to try but not to order again. Next we had…

Beef Tataki


Okonomiyaki is a traditional comfort food, often called Japanese pancakes or the quintessential Japanese soul food. My sister jumped excitedly just at the mention of the dish on the menu so my curiosity was peaked!  Okonomiyaki meaning “what you like” or “what you want” is an “anything you like” seafood pancake or omelette made from flour, yam, eggs, shredded cabbage, green onions, water or dashi (clear soup), pork and a mix of yummy sea creatures.   The texture was soft and pillowy, salty and briny from bonito flakes and mayo.  It was pleasant and definitely an acquired taste.


T&S Sashimi


T&S Sashimi


Shisham0 with  G-Beef, Wagyu Beef Meat Balls, Unagi and Aspara Maki

Smelt, meat balls and asparagus


Zakkushi Set

zakkushi set


Mochi Mala

Mochi Mala


Yakitori Don sp

Yakitori Don sp





Nasu Maki, Negi Beef with Onion Sauce and Azura Maki

Eggplant, beef and quail


Sapnish Mackarel

Spanish Mackarel


Beef Tongue

Beef tongue


Umeshisho Tsukune

chicken ball


For desert we tried:

Black Sesame Ice Cream and Kirako Mochi Ice Cream

Ice creams


Almond Tofu Jelly with Strawberry Sauce

almond jelly